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A reading is looking at the energy that is at play in your space.  Because we can’t see energy with our physical eye, we sometimes forget that we are nothing more than energy.  At it’s core all matter is energy and energy is easily worked with.  Energy can be moved, the frequency at which it vibrates can be changed, we can attract or repel different frequencies.  

In a reading we look at which energies are yours and which ones aren’t.  We move out the ones that aren’t and bring your own back in.  When we vibrate at our own energetic frequency we feel joy, it is our natural state of being, but when other energies interfere and cause our frequency and vibration to change, our bodies signal us that there is something off that needs to be fixed and we feel less than joyful or dis -ease. We often feel frustrated, anxious angry or even sick until our natural frequency and vibration are restored to their proper levels. 

© Cheryl Barry 2015