Spiritual Gizmos

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Spiritual Gizmos are a series of tools used to help us free ourselves from whatever is keeping us from realizing our true self.  They are a powerful set of simple visualizations that work throughout the day and night and can also be combined together to work as a powerful form of meditation and assist us with developing our intuition.

Spiritual Gizmos will cover the following tools:

Grounding Cords:  A tool designed to help us release energy that doesn’t belong to us or that no longer serves us.

Golden Sun:  Allows us to bring our energy back into our bodies from wherever we left it.

Center of our Head:  Allows us to hear our higher self and respond to the world rather than react to it.

Earth and Cosmic Energy:  Allows us to move unconscious energy and more out of our space and connect with the earth and heavens.

Delineation Rose:  Allows us to look at energy and process it before it enters into our space

Mock Ups:  Used to help us create what we want in our lives from simple parking spaces to the ideal relationship to an overflowing bank account.

Creating and Destroying Roses:  Gives us a way of pulling old programs and beliefs from our space so that we can move forward with ease and an understanding of who we really are.

Not my problem:  Understanding how to identify a problem that is truly ours or partly ours from those that are someone else’s so that we can stay focused on what we want to spend our energy on

Past, Present and Future time:  Learn how to identify which time space you’re in at any given moment and how to bring yourself back to the present.

Ground and Own a Room:  A simple way to validate yourself in any situation and allow yourself to be more comfortable and confident wherever you are.

Body of Glass:  A tool for allowing energy to flow through you rather than taking it on.

….and more.

When signing up, select your time zone to move forward.

At the end of Spiritual Gizmos you will be able to:

Stay grounded 

Know your own energy vs someone else’s and release what isn’t yours.

Keep other peoples energy out of your space.

Be able to respond to situations from a neutral place rather than react.

Clear your communications with others.

Remove resistance from any situation.

Increase your ability to receive more of what you want.

Walk into any room anywhere and feel safe, confident and comfortable.

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Create whatever you want in life and be able to receive it.

Release anything that keeps you from experiencing yourself fully.

Be able to bring yourself back to the present moment.

Let go of worrying and regret.

Know what is yours to do vs what is someone else’s or Gods'.

….and more.

Spritual Gizmos is an 8 week course held either Tuesday or Thursday evenings depending on the month from 7:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. 

Cost: $350.00 (payment plans are available)

© Cheryl Barry 2015