Ah Ha Moments

About 14 years ago, I found myself floundering in life.  I had a husband and a beautiful daughter and a house.  On the surface life seemed really good.  I couldn't understand why I was so unhappy and why I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  In fact all I ever wanted was to have a family and be "normal".  But I was anything but happy.  I was searching, for what I didn't know, then one day I saw an ad for a meditation class and thought I should take that.  So I signed up.  Obviously I needed something, maybe this would help me find inner peace.

 So I began going to class.  The first week she taught us two visualization tools, a grounding cord and a golden sun.  They were simple, easy to use and they seemed to work, I felt lighter and more joyful and hopeful than I had in a long time.  I used those two tools sporadically throughout the week and generally found myself feeling a little bit better.  I looked forward to class the next week.  The next week we learned two more tools, again so simple and easy that I couldn’t quite believe that I could possibly feel that much better from using them, but I did.  I was laughing more, I had hope and the world suddenly seemed magical to me.  I kept going, each week my class was the highlight of my week.  I could go in feeling tired and depressed and I’d come out feeling lighter freer and joyful.  We quickly approached the end of the series and I felt bereft.  So I asked if I could take the class again.  She said yes so I did it all again, and again and again.  Each time I took it I learned something new, I had some aha moment and an awakening.  I still didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, but I knew I needed to learn everything that she had to teach me.  This one class changed my life so completely, it woke me up to a completley different reality than I was living and inspired me, elevated me and made me feel like I could soar to the highest heights.  

Swirl bird

I continued my studies with her eventually going on to learn how to read and to teach which as you all know has answered my question of what I should do with my life, but even if I hadn’t decided to do this, my life improved in every possible way and even when I would hit a rough spot, it was still better than it was before taking a simple 8 week meditation class.  I call this class Spiritual Gizmos now because to me it’s so much more than a series of meditation tools.  I hope that you will join me in my next session and see for yourself how powerfully transformative this class can be.

© Cheryl Barry 2015